SSS Overview

The Simple Spreadsheet is a bare-bones spreadsheet available for free, including sources. I wrote it because I needed a spreadsheet with minimal features and just couldn't bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars buying one. So I wrote Simple SpreadSheet in about two days. It doesn't do even 10% of what the full-featured products do, but if you want only the basics, here is a free spreadsheet for you. SSS works on Windows XP. It probably also works on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/Vista, but I've not tried the current version on all O/Ss. Note: Vista doesn't support the help file.

Version 1.3 Setup (1.4 Mb)

Released 25-February-2007

The source is included, so feel free to modify it. This software is released to the public domain. It is provided AS IS and no warranty is made by the author or any distributor of the software. Enhancements are welcome from anyone who wishes to take the time to do them.

Source notes: To compile the sources, you will need Delphi 7 (or later). You need to modify the Tools|Environment Options dialog (Library tab) to include the directory containing the DCU files in the Library Path. Note that Simple Spreadsheet makes extensive use of a free subroutine library (included).

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